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by Julie MacShane

Book Summary

The sequel to Soot and Sweat on Flesh, Torch tells the continuing story of New Hampshire firefighter Bette Maguire, who likes her life the way it is: a good job, a steady guy named Joe Griffin, little parental involvement, and a nice apartment with a great roommate and two cats.

Suddenly, however, her family’s restaurant suspiciously explodes and her life is thrown into turmoil. More than one person, including a mysterious arsonist, is plotting to ruin her happy life and tamper with her job and relationships. Down and out of luck, Bette struggles to discover who her adversaries are, some of whom she fears are her well-meaning but intrusive family and fellow firefighters.

On her side, however, are crusty arson inspector Al Ramirez, who helps her put together the clues to discover the identity of the criminal the press is calling the “Holiday Arsonist,” and her grandmother’s ghost, who explains the female lineage’s mysterious connection to water. Bette, however, is not the most receptive person to being helped. She's stubborn and determined, but time is running out.

Will Bette find the arsonist and unveil the family secrets in time to save her career, her relationships, and her life?