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Book 2: TORCH

The Continuing Adventures of Firefighter Bette Maguire

A mysterious arsonist threatens Bette and her family. Publication Date: November 2005.

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The book is dedicated to:
My husband, Greg: Our torch will never die.
Mom, Nonna and Moreno: Thanks for the recipes.
My niece and nephew, Emma and Alex Callahan: Thanks for the drawings.

Book Title's Origins

The title Torch is based on this haiku-style poem I wrote about the word's different meanings:

Carry one for love.
Drop for blazing sweet regards.
Light the path ahead.

1) Is it good to carry a torch for someone, or to love them even though they may not love you? Debatable. Love should be reciprocal, but sometimes it isn't, and if that's all you have for joy in your life, go for it.
2) It's definitely not good to set a building on fire or to "torch" it, despite the insurance money involved or the pleasure you might get from revenge at a jilted lover or the fascination of watching the flames reach high into the black, starless sky.
3) On the other hand, it's definitely okay to use a torch to light the path ahead through a smoky fire, an underground cavern, or a darkened house while the storm rages outside.

One word, so many meanings. Isn't the English language just great?

BOOK RELEASED: November 18, 2005