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Book 3 in the Bette Maguire Series

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Five years after the adventures in Torch ended, Webster, NH, firefighter Bette Maguire is facing a new round of problems. She’s about to get married to the love of her life, firefighter Joe Griffin, but her family is driving her crazy with the planning. Bette has been assigned the job of judge for the WFD charity calendar, and her squad mates won't give her a minute's peace about who's being included.

Her secret half-brother Chris is struggling through probation as a Webster firefighter and she’s torn between telling him she’s his sister or staying mum. Her long-time Lieutenant has been replaced by the arrogant son of the present Fire Chief.

Most dangerous of all, her other secret half-brother, Ed Jr., a sociopathic real-estate mogul from Las Vegas, is out for revenge against Bette for not saving the life of his (their) father, the former Webster Fire Chief, who had a penchant for lighting things on fire. Will Bette realize that Ed is the cause of all the bad things that are happening to her and Chris before he destroys every part of their lives?

Other Information:

Cover illustration and inside illustrations by Dan Rodd.

All text, photos, images, and illustrations are Copyright Julie MacShane, 2008. Copying, printing, and downloading are not allowed without permission.